The predominance of fructose ensures that the supplies does not crystallize even at low temperatures and are available during the whole winter As we are beekeepers, it is 100% natural thing for us, that our bee feed is pure and contains no ballast, no HMF, no maltose, no maltotriose etc. If beekeeper take off the honey from bees, he/she must give the bees good and valuable replacement. Pure, with proper composition and requested characteristics and qualities. FINE, PURE and HIGH QUALITY bee feed from Czech rep. - click for more interesting infos


APIVITAL® feed corresponds to the contemporary requirements of a healthy diet for bees. The predominance of fructose in our bee feed ensures that the supplies does not crystallize in the hive even at low temperatures and are thus available to bees during the whole winter.

Because we ourselves are beekeepers, it is natural thing for us that bee feed from us contains no ballast substances. Click for more information..

APIVITAL® syrup much more comply with the needs of bee colonies, than today very often used usual crystalline table sugar, that is why beekeepers who feed the colonies with our liquide bee feed often affirm, that their bees are better, stronger and more vital in early spring and that they start better development - click for more info about sugar - sucrose contra modern contemporary bee feeds The ease of use and simplicity of feeding with the APIVITAL® syrup is just the highlight of the values, what makes our bee feeds popular among beekeepers - click for more info about how-to feed the bees


Beekeepers who feed the bees the APIVITAL® syrup affirm that their colonies go to the spring stronger and more vital and that they go into development earlier. APIVITAL® syrup comply with the needs of bees much more in comparision with often used sucrose.

The ease and simplicity of feeding with the APIVITAL® feeds is just the crown to the success of these bee feeds among beekeepers.
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Improving the feeds, new brand, public apiculture lectures ... - click for more beekeeper's news and events Wintering bee colonies with use of APIVITAL® syrup, vital healthy bees, early spring on the apiary and springer nectar flow and honey from it, - testimonials, experience, reflections and observations of beekeepers, pieces of advice - start the season with very good bees!


APIVITAL® paste now in new packaging 2.5 kg either - click for more information.

"For the second year I prepared 25 colonies for winter with excellent results by feeding the bees your bee feed - better spring development - less labor and a greater number of bees what spent the winter"
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