APIVITAL® syrup Bee feed in a bucket with dripping holes in the lid as either wise repeatedly usable feeder

  • BUCKET 14 kg - price --- €/1kg
    Bucket height: 22.3 cm
    It is possible to use the bucket directly for feeding. Empty bucket can be used for honey.

  • Jerry cans with bee feed - possible to obtain by postal serviceJERRY CAN 45 kg of bee feed – price --- €/1kg

  • IBC containerCONTAINER IBC - 1400 kg of the bee feed – price --- €/1kg
    If you do not have your own suitable container, we will provide you with a proper food IBC container.

APIVITAL® pasteSugar candy for bees is both perfect and economical replacement for home-made fondant (made from honey and sugar)

  • The packaging of the APIVITAL® paste is 15 kg. It is the cardboard box with the six vacuum-packed patties á 2,5 kg in it. The price is --- € per box (--- €/1kg).
    The measurements of the carton are approx. 30x20x20cm.

Stated prices include VAT.


Please, ask for transport possibilities.

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