APIVITAL® syrup properties summary and its advantages


  • the APIVITAL® feeds are 100% composed of those sugars that bees are able to spend and utilize
  • APIVITAL® syrup - composition: 40% fructose, 30% glucose, 30% sucrose
  • thanks to the balanced proportion of sugars, significant savings are being achieved for the bees on splitting sucrose, evaporating water and storing supplies

To see the comparison of sucrose (table sugar) and APIVITAL® syrup in terms of energetic economy for bees – click on the picture to enlarge it.

Figure of Comparison of the demanding characters of sucrose (white table sugar) and APIVITAL® syrup  in terms of energetic saving for bees   - common white table sugar is markedly more demanding both energetic and biological recources of bee colonies


  • we are the only once in Europe to make sugar syrup for bees with predominance of fructose and guaranteed pureness at such a low price
  • the predominance of fructose garantees minimum inclination to crystallization even at low temperatures
  • we can rely on the fact bees will not starve on full combs thanks to that


  • none of the other producers, including the reputable ones, have had so good analysis results at Bee Research Institute (VÚVč) at Dol
  • VÚVč measured value of 1,8mg/kg at our first bee feed example
  • we guarantee the HMF level to be lower than 20mg/kg
  • comparision: Czech honey has a very strict limit for HMF and it is set as high as 20mg/kg


  • the APIVITAL® feeds do not contain any substances which should not appear in feeds generally (like maltose, maltotriose etc.)


  • registered trademark APIVITAL®, registered at ÚPV (Industrial Property Office) no. 335140
  • composition certificat
  • repeatedly approved sameness of the products with certificates at Bee Research Institute at Dol
  • certificate HACCP for making feeds and food
  • all the feeds are made in accordance with the requirements of the applicable EU legislation concerning food and feed
  • - certificate GMO – the feed does not contain any genetically modified organisms. It is not made from any genetically modified ingrediences and have not come into contact with them while being produced


  • absolutely unbeatable price to quality and exploitability ratio
  • practical packing and delivery possibilities not only throughout all Czech republic


  • we do have enough sugar supplies to be able to produce the feed.
    You will never hear "we are sold out", "we do not have any more", "we cannot supply you". As we respect every cutomer.


  • viscosity at 30°C: 300cP
  • viscosity at 20°C: 450cP
  • viscosity at 0°C: more than 5000cP
  • pH: 6,3 ±0,5
  • density: 1,368kg/l (i.e. 1 liter of the feed has a weight of 1,368kg)
  • storability min 9 months if stored in unopened containers


APIVITAL® syrup is successfully approaching the ideal composition of food for bees. It consists primarily of fructose and glucose in a favorable ratio. It is the best suitable feed for bees in terms of their needs, from available feeds. It has an influence on the strenths, the health and the vitality of your bee colonies.

The APIVITAL® syrup has a different quality from the other available feeds because it is more convenient for bees and it therefore has positive influence on beekeeping.

Thanks to its optimal composition, exceptional pureness and high quality standard, the APIVITAL® syrup will be your reliable partner for feeding bees.

In case you have not experiences in beekeeping and/or you have any doubt regard the right use of the bee feed, please do not hesitate to ask us or our partners.