Apiarist's equipment - intermediate bulk container for liquid bee feed

When you are to order bigger amount of APIVITAL® syrup, order IBC container(s) either. We offer very good containers and for reasonable price.

IBC container parameters:

  • volume of IBC container: 1000 litre IBC - upper lid IBC - outlet valve IBC container for APIVITAL® syrup bee feed
  • dimensions: 1,2m x 1m x 1,2m
  • max amount of bee feed in one container: 1400 kg of APIVITAL® syrup
  • our containers have a new inner receptacle and a new valve, only outer cage is reconditioned
  • containers are harmless and clean and they have food grade certificate alowing using in food industry
  • making: plastic receptacle, metal cage and metal or plastic pallet at the bottom
  • price: 120 € (including VAT)